My name is Krystal, proud mama to B and her four legged friend. 

When I was younger, my mom sewed for a living and like other moms, made cute dresses for her little girl to play dress up. I never thought much about the things that my mom and I did growing up, that is until I had my own baby girl.  Now, all I want to do is to make her proud.  Among many things my mom taught me, sewing was one of them and on a whim, I decided to get a sewing machine. I tinkered with it and started making different baby accessories for friends and family. Though I love sewing and creating different things, my absolute favorite is making play mats.  I just love working with large pieces of beautiful fabric. After going back and forth and LOTS of encouragement from friends, family, and especially my husband, I took a leap of faith and Bee and Her Dog was born.

It truly makes me so happy seeing mamas and their little ones enjoy the mats I create. It may be tiring at times (especially during nap strikes) but I wouldn't have it any other way. I count my blessings everyday that I am able to do what I love and have such unconditional support system from everyone around me. 

I hope you join me on this journey as this little shop grows. I'm motivated everyday to do better.

Thank you!